Actionbook for "Interview To Win Your First Job" Video

Job-Search Actionbook Contents:

I. A Career Search Agenda - Before Your First Interview

  • Exercise 1: Job Choice Pluses and Minuses
  • Exercise 2: Setting Up a Network
  • Two Examples of a Powerful Résumé
  • Two Examples of a Targeted Cover Letter

II. Preparing for the Interview

  • A Pre-Interview Checklist
  • Exercise 3: Preparing for Your Interview
  • Exercise 4: Investigating the Position
  • Exercise 5: Answering Résumé Questions
  • Exercise 6: Responding to Tough Questions
  • Exercise 7: Answering "Hidden Agenda" Questions
  • Exercise 8: Asking Your Own Questions

III. After the Interview

  • Writing a Follow-up Letter
  • Exercise 9: Preparing for the Second Interview

IV. Bibliography

  • Helpful Career Books

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