We'll Help You Get A Better Job

IF you like the kind of work you do, but want more challenge or a bigger paycheck, identify your obstacles and tackle them one by one. For example:

- Have you exhausted all possibilities inside the company? Investigate the potential in another department or division. Learn the ground rules for effecting a transfer. Ask trusted acquaintances to be your eyes and ears elsewhere, and have them inform you of possible opportunities.

- Is your résumé as good as it can be? Here are the essential components:

A precise and powerful OBJECTIVE
A comprehensive SUMMARY
A carefully written EXPERIENCE section

- Are your interviewing skills shaky? Interviewing success results from a sense of confidence, which is fueled by preparation. Thorough research, in turn, is the key to sound preparation.

Solutions we offer:

Career Counseling
Confidential Career Counseling.

Executive Job Search Handbook
Everything You Need to Make Your Move

Interview To Win Job Interview Video

Better Résumés for Executives and Professionals (book).