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Job-Bridge Video: Interview To Win Your First Job Interview to Win
Job Interview Video (DVD or VHS format)
Length: 32 minutes

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"An informative, sophisticated, and complete guide for adults looking for a job or those who have just lost a middle- to upper-level management position. . . . Solid advice about the complete interview process. Camera work and sound are very good, with easy-to-read headings. Varied pacing and graphics make a dry topic interesting."
Interview to Win Viedo 4 Star RatingVideo Rating Guide for Libraries

Finding a job these days can be tough. And if you've just lost your job, it will be even tougher.

Sure, you're up against other experienced men and women. But not only that: Recent college graduates are out there, too, and they're willing to work for less money! Also, more and more older job seekers are changing careers today because they can't find work in fields they trained for. They're also in line for the job you want.

With all of this competition, you need a winning edge.

The Interview to Win Video gives you that edge!

You'll learn how to ...

  • Make the best first impression
  • Handle a recent job loss
  • Get a definition of the ideal candidate
  • Determine whether you want the job
  • Overcome any objections to your candidacy
  • Negotiate the best compensation package

Interview to Win is an advice-filled, 32-minute video based on the award-winning outplacement program JOB-BRIDGE, which has helped thousands of workers get back on their feet after losing jobs in an uncertain economy.

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