"Interview To Win Your First Job" Video

Job-Bridge Video: Interview To Win Your First Job Interview to Win Your First Job
Job Interview Video (DVD or VHS format)
with accompanying Job Search Actionbook
Length: 33 minutes
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"The acting here is excellent, the advice is good and up to date, the pacing is lively, and the whole production is very professional. Probably the best tape on the subject this reviewer has seen."
Library Journal (read review)

You´re one of 15 candidates for a job you really want. The money is good. The work is exactly what you´ve prepared for. And the company is solid–just what you´ve visualized since the day you graduated.

How do you make sure you get the job offer–and that it doesn´t go to one of the other 14 applicants?

How do you prepare for an interview that may affect the rest of your working life?

Interview to Win Your First Job, a 33-minute advice-filled video and accompanying 48-page job-search Actionbook, breaks down the interview to its essential parts, and puts you in position to get the job you want. You'll learn how to ...

  • Make the best first impression
  • Get a definition of the ideal candidate
  • Determine whether you want the job, and finally ...
  • Work to get a job offer–or a second interview

Awarded Certificate of HONORABLE MENTION
Columbus International Film and Video Festival

Join the thousands of students in high schools, colleges, and trade schools who have learned job interview skills that will last them a lifetime–and are now head and shoulders above other candidates after the same job.

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