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Executive Job Search HandbookExecutive Job Search Handbook
by Robert F. Wilson
(Thomson Delmar Books ©2003)


Paperback: Price $14.95

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192 pages,
with index and interactive exercises

This well-researched handbook for jobs at the highest levels of management will help you:

Compete Effectively - More executives are likely to be in positions of vulnerability these days, having either been recently downsized or lost their jobs, as victims of failed companies.

Get Noticed - Outside-the-box job search strategies will pay off with more frequency than conventional tactics and strategies. The Executive Job Search Handbook provides a creative approach to finding top jobs in the 21st Century.

Keep Up - Learn and use job search methodology that's in keeping with the times, such as the ability to utilize online resources and knowing where to access and how to prioritize key confidential corporate infromation.

Become Polished - Those seeking an officer's position need to demonstrate an affinity for due diligence, a comprehensive sense of a company's financials, and a moral and ethical rectitude that will pass muster with boards of directors. Now is the time to view such qualities as integral to your professional profile, and take appropriate action to acquire them.

What they're saying about Executive Job Search Handbook:

"Today's job market can be a stressful and uncertain place. Too often, talent and hard work are not enough to keep careers on track in the face of economic and market turmoil. 'Replanting' ourselves in new opportunities is both an art and a science, and Robert Wilson applies 20 years of career management experience to help today's job seekers succeed."

--U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy,
State of Vermont

"For any executive anticipating a career change–or who is in the midst of a career shift–Executive Job Search Handbook is a must-have guide. What Richard Bolles' book did for job searchers in the last century, Bob Wilson's book will do for executive career strategy today."

--Janice Cantu,
VP Human Resources,
Springer-Verlag North America

"The description on the cover of Robert Wilson's Executive Job Search Handbook is clearly an understatement. This is much more than a simple how-to book on marketing oneself. 'Job search from the inside out' is the apt phrase Hinda Miller uses in her Foreword. After 35 years of reviewing books on career management, I have rarely come across one that involves the job seeker so deeply at the emotional level. The understanding of the state of mind of anyone going through this process is truly exceptional."

----Richard Germann,
SVP Quality Management,
Manchester, Inc.

"This is not so much a handbook as it is a GPS navigator, guiding its readers through some of the toughest territory they'll ever have to negotiate. And it doesn't miss a turn."

--David B. Opton,
Founder & CEO,

"Career transition is a difficult, scary, high-stakes game. This book will not only help you make better decisions, but will make your journey much more rewarding, successful, and enjoyable than traveling solo. The knowledge you'll gain here is unparalleled in its scope and actionability . . . like hiring a top-flight career coach without spending thousands of dollars. Essential reading–whether you're actively looking for your next job, or your crystal ball sees another round of downsizing just ahead."

--Gary Alpert,
Wetfeet, Inc.

"Here's a must-read before you leave–or even think about leaving–your current position, regardless of how comfortable you are or how high up on the food chain. Everything you need to know to cope with change in this unpredictable job market can be found on these pages, including dozens of interactive exercises that personalize the experience for you. After reading Bob Wilson's book, I sleep better at night."

--Michael Ross,
Executive Publishing and Marketing Consultant

"The continuing stream of corporate acquisitions creates an extended opportunity for executives and senior management. The Executive Job Search Handbook provides the strategies for determining–and then locking in–'what comes next' in one's career. It also brings structure to the search–which means increased success for the managers and leaders who use it."

--Ron Gula,
Chief Technical Officer,
Tenable Network Security